What kind of weapon do YOU carry?

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Standing in line at the pharmacy, I took note of the message on the t-shirt of the man in front of me. Although I do not recall the exact wording, it was a clear statement of his belief in the Second Amendment. Most people carry their “carry” permit in their wallet instead of on their t-shirt. I assumed there was also one in his wallet.

There was a bulge under his tight-fitting t-shirt that convinced me the man was serious in his conviction about carrying a concealed weapon.

The store was in Tennessee. Had it been across State Street, in Virginia, he could have just carried his “heat” openly, not concealed.

Was I scared? Not really. Did I feel protected? Uh…same answer. Was I nervous? A little bit. Did I pray that the pharmacist would remain calm? That one’s easy to answer. I certainly did!       

As it turned out, the man was obviously a law-abiding citizen. He picked up his prescription and quietly walked out. I breathed a sigh of relief, because no one had attempted to shoot up the drug store, forcing this patriot to kill somebody. In this day and time…you never know.

So where do I stand on Second Amendment rights, gun control laws, etc. Let me first say that I grew up on a small farm just outside of Madisonville, Kentucky. My older brother received a .22 rifle for his seventh birthday, from our parents. Single-shot. Bolt-action. Certainly not an assault rifle, but it was great for “plinking” cans and breaking bottles. We were taught to treat firearms properly, safely, and with respect. For my 18th birthday I got a 12-gauge, Model 12 Winchester shotgun. Both of those “weapons” are still in my possession, stored safely with no ammunition close by.

Having said that, let me continue my little talk by explaining that I have never owned a handgun, a semi-automatic weapon of any kind, or a high-powered rifle. Although I am a decent shot, I have never applied for or been granted a CCW or CHP permit. My family is divided on the subject. There are those in our clan who “pack heat,” with a permit. Others of our kin are adamant in their support of stricter gun control laws.

Here’s a thought: “Does the Bible say anything about carrying a weapon?”

Obviously there were no gun laws in Bible times. Duh...guns were not invented. So, no firearms - no violence. Right?

Jael killed Sisera with a tent peg and a hammer. David destroyed Goliath with a sling and stone. Samson slew hundreds with the jawbone of a donkey and his bare hands. And untold thousands perished by swords and spears. Guns didn’t kill any of those people.

Jesus preached a gospel of peace, but in the upper room He told his disciples they should sell some clothing and buy a sword. The response was, “We have a couple of swords,” and Jesus said that would be sufficient. (See Luke 22)

One of those swords was the one used in the garden to defend Jesus. John tells us it was Peter who cut off the ear of the High Priest’s servant. When Jesus healed the wounded servant and told Peter to “holster his weapon,” Matthew records Jesus’ words, “he that lives by the sword will die by the sword,” and John adds his reproof and admonition that Peter was interfering with God’s plan.

Jesus died a horribly violent death on the Cross, tortured inhumanely for hours for our sins. With the most archaic of weapons, the Roman soldiers inflicted unbelievable torture and agony on our Savior.

Although the U.S. Constitution is worth dying for, Jesus’ death on the Cross is even more important; and I still have neither encouraged nor discouraged you regarding arming yourself and seeking a carry permit. Have I?

...that decision is yours, and I choose not to attempt to influence you. However, please never forget the word of Paul to the Ephesians. We Christians are involved in spiritual warfare and are instructed to defend ourselves from Satan with armor and a weapon. Specifically, that weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.

We must carry our weapon in our heart and mind. Prepare for battle by prayerfully studying the Word. Our society is in an all-out spiritual warfare!

--Steve Playl, playlsr@yahoo.com


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