WCHS Science Club visits Mid South Labs


In a world where atoms and molecules are the ingredients of everything around us, chemistry emerges as a vibrant canvas upon which the wonders of the universe are painted. It is often that students get lost or frustrated in learning about the pure sciences but find a transformation in interest with the flick of a Bunsen burner. Being a chemist is being an architect of innovation, a revolutionist in industry, or even a forensic analyst of all things matter. Each experiment is a journey into the unknown, a chance to test hypotheses and unravel the mysteries of science firsthand.

The science club at White County High School had an opportunity to meet and hear from local chemists located at Mid South Labs LLC, in Sparta. Charles Hawes, founding member of the company, has many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge working in many industries. Kami Dunn and Taylor Fletcher, recent alumni of WCHS and TTU, both spoke on their experiences going through high school and what inspired them to pursue chemistry for their careers. They specialize in reverse engineering, formulations, consulting, and chemical testing. Students were able to hear about different forms of testing, equipment, and the importance of data and analysis. It was an invaluable experience for our students to hear from each of them and gain an understanding of how school, interests, and careers unfold with time, motivation, and experience. It is often similar to the entropy and chemistry of the universe: sometimes unpredictable (especially when you are young). For our students, hearing these experiences and successes can sometimes help inspire them to find a passion for science after high school. There truly is a lot more to it than just words in a textbook.

On behalf of WCHS and the Science Club, we would like to thank everyone at Mid South Laboratories LLC for welcoming us and sharing their journeys.        


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