Two schools receive $10,000 TVA grant


White County Middle School and Northfield Elementary are both participating in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s EnergyRight School Uplift program. School Uplift offers energy efficiency training and grants that reduce energy costs and improve learning environments.

Both schools were notified in January of their acceptance to the program. Principal Beth Peek applied for the grant at Northfield and science teacher, Sara Halliburton, applied at WCMS.

Some of the key responsibilities of participating schools are creating a school-level energy team comprised of students and teachers, attending monthly workshops and coaching calls with EnergyRight, and recording energy bills and activities.

The benefits of participation for the schools are reduced energy use and competitive reimbursement grants. On May 2, each school was invited to a live online event where both WCMS and Northfield Elementary were awarded $10,000 each.

“The funds can be used for any school improvement projects,” Halliburton said. “The program requests that students on the committee be granted an opportunity to propose ideas. We are looking forward to making this a real-world learning experience for our students.”

TVA presents more than $3 million each year in School Uplift grants. Public schools that participate in the program see up to a 10 percent reduction in energy costs.

“Every dollar invested in our schools helps districts allocate resources to where it matters most– educating our children,” said Monika Beckner, vice president of TVA’s Energy Services and Programs. “We’re inspired by the winners of this year’s School Uplift grants and proud of their dedication to reducing energy waste and building a sustainable future for us all.”

White County High School has been selected to participate in next year’s cohort. If the school meets all the requirements, it will be eligible to receive a grant of at least $10,000 in the year 2025.  


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