Old king, the new king, and us

Christpoint Church


 God is raising up a generation in these days. A people who aren’t afraid to double down. To double down is to take a further risk in a situation or passionately re-commit one’s efforts to a cause or course of action.

God is raising up a Jehu generation. Jehu wasn’t wealthy, he wasn’t a politician, and he wasn’t a preacher’s kid. He was, however, a warrior, ruthless and zealous for the righteousness of God. Jehu actually did what prophets could not. His story is found in the Old Testament books of 1st and 2nd Kings, and he is the only king of the northern kingdom of Israel to ever be anointed as king

We find in 1st Kings 19 that Jehu is chosen by God to be anointed king of Israel by Elijah the prophet. We find he is called, anointed, and appointed as king again in 2nd Kings 9. Ahab was the old king. He was married to a pagan queen named Jezebel. Because of her evil influence, Ahab was described by God as being the most wicked king. (1st Kings 16:30)

The old king in each of us wants desperately to have and maintain control. The old king is easily controlled by the world and the new king will never rise to the level of authority God has called us to as long as we keep feeding the old king. The annihilating of the old king can’t be put off or bargained with. We can’t let our guard down on the old king because he always wants to get out. The old king wants to connect with the Jezebel spirit, and that spirit wants to kill the man of God in each of us.

Jehu was twice appointed and twice anointed by God to be the new king. His story is recorded in chapter 10 of 2nd Kings. Within that appointment and under the double anointing that was upon him, he attacked and separated the nation of Israel from the old king, his ally, wife, DNA, and spiritual influence. He severed the heads of 70 of Ahab’s descendants. Some strongholds in our lives have to be severed. Jehu took the heads of the influential DNA instead of the eyes, hands ,or even feet because if we leave the head then we leave the influence.

Jehu didn’t back down and couldn’t be shaken because he knew he was called and anointed. He knew he was the king, and he knew his task. Heb. 12:28-29. Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire. Notice God is a consuming fire! So we should stop acting like he’s flickering candle. Our God cannot be shaken. Elisha sent a prophet to anoint Jehu the second time in 2nd Kings 9. Jehu attempted to deny his appointment, but you can’t hide your anointing. You can’t hide from God’s calling when your hair is soaked with oil and you’re dripping with the call of God on your life. When it’s time to kill the old king, it will be because God  just anointed the new king. If we keep talking like the old king, looking like the old king, and feeding the old king then the new king will never know his true authority. Rise up, Jehu Generation, and let’s take back our land, families, culture, and our future.

Maybe we’re not speaking with a Jehu authority today because we can’t separate from the control the Jezebel spirit has over us. We’re not severing the head of the enemy. Our DNA is so mixed with the world that we no longer stand out - we blend in. We must ask ourselves, is the church ignoring its anointing and calling? Maybe we’re not valuing the Godly connections, and is it possible we’re not killing the old king well enough?

We’re Christpoint Church. Welcome home.


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