Minute with the Mayor


The city’s board of alderman and I voted at the last meeting to address the safety concerns of two intersections within the city limits.

The first of the intersections is the Turntable Road and Ray Broyles Road.

The action taken by the board was to make this intersection a three-way stop.  There will be additional signage and a stop sign added there at this intersection.  We may adjust the speed limit as you enter town headed west on Ray Broyles Road as well.

The second intersection is located at Hale Street and Golden Mountain Road.  The board took the exact opinion on this intersection, and it will become a three-way stop as well.  There will be additional signage and warnings that will be added to add to the safety of those traveling in this area.

The city will release a public statement in The Expositor and social media pages informing drivers of the change.  No date has been set until we get all the necessary signs delivered and ready for install at each site.  Each driver must pay attention to the signs and speed limits and obey the traffic flow pattern to make these intersections as safe as they can be.

Please watch for the news release in the Sparta Expositor and social media for the updates on these intersections.

Be safe out there. Finish strong.     


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