Minute with the Mayor


I want to take this time to update everyone on our plans for the two intersections that several have requested something to be done to make our streets safer.

The two intersections are the crossroads of Hale Street and Golden Mountain Road and the Ray Broyles Road and Turntable Road.

The planting of trees on private property has created a near blind intersection at Turntable and Ray Broyles Road.  We have two options for that particular intersection.

Option 1:  The city will set a lower speed limit on Ray Broyles Road as you enter the city limits.  There will be warning signs posted as you enter the blind curve. 

Option 2:  There will be stop signs posted on Ray Broyles Road going to and from the city limits.  There is already a stop sign placed at Turntable Road.  This will make the intersection a three- way stop.  The speed limit will also be lowered on that stretch of road.  There will be warning signs and lighted stop signs informing of the change in traffic flow in that area.

On the intersection of Hale Street and Golden Mountain Road, we have at this time only one real option that will make that road safer for those who travel in that area.  A lighted and flashing stop sign will be placed on Golden Mountain Road heading east and west.  This will make that intersection a three-way stop.  All vehicles will be required to stop before proceeding through the intersection.  

The aldermen will vote on these options at the next meeting and then the changes will go into effect, on June 1, 2024.  If you have any questions, then please call the city hall and talk with the city administrator or reach out to me or one of the aldermen. 

Be safe out there, and finish strong.     


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