Christian Basic Training-Part IV

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 As a review for this topic, Jesus gave His followers a list of things they were commanded to do to qualify as Christians to obey the author and finisher of their faith (Hebrews 12:2).  The ninth basic training principle is to not be offended.  Jesus describes His followers as blessed when they are not offended because of Him (Matthew 11:1-6).

In such a world of offense, Christians can fall into this slippery slope causing themselves to disobey Jesus Christ and the Word of God.  Offense is the act of displeasing by character, words, or conduct.  When offense rises it reflects the stubbornness within that person to either forgive a wrong or be unwilling to adapt to the truth that has been presented.  Either scenario leaves the offended person dealing with the situation when the world teaches the one who offended should be dealt with severely.  “Great peace have they which love the Word of God, and nothing will offend them” (Psalm 119:165). 

When Christians get offended, this reflects they do not have the love for the Word of God they declare they have.  Offense is pride being confronted.  The Bible describes God as a resister of those who are in pride (James 4:6).  Jesus told His disciples to not be offended (John 16:1-4).  The tenth basic training principle is to love God with everything they have. 

Jesus tells everyone listening that God gave the commandment to love Him with all of the heart, with all of the soul, with all of the mind, and with all of the strength that each person possesses (Mark 12:30).  This leaves nothing out for Christians to wonder how much to love God.  When He is loved this much nothing else should be hindering a relationship with Him.  Nothing is worth putting in front of God in the order of importance in one’s life.  When the world is still a desire something has been left off of loving God in every area listed by Jesus.  By comparison, a Christian’s love for God should make their love for everyone else look like hate (Luke 14:26). 

Christians are not to hate anyone.  Still, just the idea of having such a love for God that the love they have for everyone else looks like hate is a concept not many people grasp.  The eleventh basic training principle is to go to church in person.  Jesus displayed the routine of worshiping God in person at the house of God (Luke 4:16).  In modern society, streaming and online church services have risen to high popularity.  This is a blessing for those who are sick, shut-in, or have legitimate reasons for not being able to get out.  Online church has replaced the in-person anointing, leaving Christians weaker and less impacted by being in the presence of God.  The Bible warns of such activity for people to not do away with gathering within the assembly of believers, also known as the church (Hebrews 10:23-25).  How can a person rejoice by getting online to worship God?  The Bible says, “I was glad when they said unto me let us go INTO the house of the Lord” (Psalm 122:1).  Nothing can replace going to the house of God faithfully when services are happening (Acts 2:42-47). 

A person cannot maintain a marriage covenant by only being online for an hour each week with their spouse.  So, why do so many Christians think being online for an hour each Sunday constitutes maintaining a covenant with a holy God?  May Christians be faithful to God’s house. 

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