A response to Troy Smith about Trump and his supporters

Think for Yourself


 I dislike doing this because there are more important topics to discuss. Still, it is necessary to correct the record about Donald Trump. Troy Smith seems happy to misrepresent the facts and offend the tens of millions of Americans who will vote for Trump if given the chance. Troy has recently accused me of confusing the issues, but I believe “the devil is in the details,” as they say. I also think that under our system of government, an individual is presumed innocent until either admitting guilt or having it proven in a court of law. I also know that an admission and a verdict can be misleading or wrong.

Two weeks ago, Troy accused me of saying the same thing using a different description to make it seem different (saying Trump makes rabbits walk fast instead of admitting that he runs them). Because I know that Troy isn’t stupid, I can only assume he is purposefully misrepresenting what I said. Yes, I am saying he lied. There is a world of legal difference in deciding a case on its merits and dismissing it on procedural grounds. The Trump campaign lost some court cases alleging fraud in the 2020 election. Still, many more cases were dismissed because the court determined the suit was filed too late, the court had no jurisdiction over election results, or the court couldn’t foresee how they could offer a possible remedy if the allegations were true. Only a handful of the over 60 lawsuits filed were rejected on the case’s merits. That is not arguing semantics; it is stating a legal fact.

Last week, Troy said that Donald Trump is guilty of various dastardly crimes, and anyone who supports him is also guilty. Shame on him. As someone in a position to influence young minds, to assume an individual’s guilt without a conviction is careless at best. Donald Trump lost a case in civil court in New York. He was not charged with a crime. That case is under appeal. The judge should be disbarred for his statements after the case. In most other states, he would have been.

Nobody was charged with insurrection or treason on Jan. 6th. Individuals were charged with trespassing and disrupting Congress. You could levy the same charge for pulling a fire alarm during a session of Congress. Of course, nobody charged Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowmen with disrupting Congress or called him an insurrectionist. The Democratic-controlled Congress impeached President Trump over his conduct on Jan. 6th. The Senate acquitted him. You can dislike the results, but it is the process the Democrats in Congress chose.

The case in Georgia is based on how you interpret what Donald Trump said on a phone call and a statute designed to attack criminal organizations like the mob. We will have to see how this case plays out. As for the other charges in New York and Michael Cohen already serving time, Cohen was facing possible decades in prison for charges that had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Cohen took a plea deal that included misusing campaign funds for a lenient sentence.

I think Donald Trump is a womanizing, narcissistic, crude buffoon. I find it distasteful being forced into the role of a quasi-defender of Donald Trump. Troy, you continue to put me in this position by attacking Trump with false or misleading statements you present as fact. You choose to campaign against Trump’s character rather than present the compelling positions of the Democratic Party that have garnered your unwavering support.

I have stated what policies I want to be addressed and why I like certain positions of specific candidates. I want candidates and parties to say what they are for and what they will do. Don’t tell me what others will support or do. I might disagree with other’s opinions but never intentionally mislead or insult. As always, think for yourself.


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