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Recently, my friend, John Gottlied, complained that I had spent two columns in a row talking about how bad Trump and the Republicans are rather than being balanced and talking about what I am for, … more
As is typical, education is a subject where Troy Smith and I agree in principle but have cavernous differences in the details and defining terms. Most individuals know that I am a strong supporter of … more
 Tennessee - where we’re always the first to jump out of the plane, because we skip the line where they’re handing out parachutes. This time we are - once again - in the news because … more
I have a suggestion for all the political pundits out there. Tell us what you or your party stands for, and quit trying to tell us how bad the other guys are. My friend, Troy Smith, has used his last … more
I know that Troy Smith is a proud member of the Democratic Party, so I understand his editorial from Nov. 9th. First, let me remind everyone that despite his education and position as a college … more
I write this the day after Veterans Day - and, for various reasons, service has been on my mind lately. Last week, I co-taught a class on facilitating civil discussion with visiting retired … more
In a world characterized by instant updates, relentless competition, and constant connectivity, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are grappling with an unwelcome companion – … more
I have been talking about the origins of slavery in America. In part, I’ve been doing so because there is a lot about that subject that most people don’t know - and our current political … more
Last week, I talked about how slavery started in the English colonies and the fact that, for much of the 1600s plantation, labor was done by three groups -African slaves, white indentured servants, … more
I am tired of weak-willed leadership and leaders who need to think more logically. I am also tired of a flaccid citizenry willing to accept the garbage from both major parties in Washington. If … more
In the last couple of weeks, I have talked about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, how it started, and the role Portugal and Spain played in its expansion. This week, I’m going to discuss it in … more
This week, we are going to see just how the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was different from the various forms of slavery that existed for thousands of years before and even from the Arab Slave Trade … more
 “It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night… I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me … more
I agree with some of what Troy said last week. “Laws matter,” “Hillary Clinton did not get locked up,” and “Joe Biden did not get indicted” yet. Troy was incorrect … more
 I was all set to use this article to address Troy Smith’s article from last week. I could put the record straight about some misleading and, as of yet, unproven accusations about Donald … more
I want to open this week by acknowledging John Gottlied’s references to my column last week. I can honestly say the same things about his writings that he said about mine: I often disagree … more
I want to start this week by telling you that all my columns from the last two years are now collected in a book, “A Liberal Dose: Communiqués from the Holler.” If you like what I … more
 I am starting off this week with another academic deep dive, but - as you will see - it has direct relevance to what is going on right now politically. For the past several decades, people … more
 Last week, Troy Smith discussed Peter Turchin’s book, “End Times: Elites, Counter-Elites, and the Path of Political Disintegration.” I am not familiar with the book. On the … more
I appreciate those of you who humored me over the summer as I did a historical and sociological deep dive on these pages. I will soon get back to responding to current political events, but there is … more
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